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Natural CBD Oil 300mg

based on 77 reviews
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  • Contains organic hemp extract
  • Full-spectrum of phytocannabinoids
  • Free of chemical solvents
  • Laboratory tested
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC content
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Garanted30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
1OZ (30ml)/40 Servings Per Container
7.5mg of CBD / 1/2 of dropper


Hemp oil Extract, MCT oil, Natural Flavors, Terpenes.

Suggested Use

Take once or twice daily. Squeeze out 1/2 of the dropper, wait 60-90 seconds, and swallow.

300mg 30mL (1oz) Natural CBD Tincture

It seems strange to imagine that there remain folks out there uninitiated with the world of CBD. When people are looking for a full spectrum CBD tincture, there are indeed few that will actively seek out a "small" amount -- even if such an amount may offer tremendous wellness benefits. As such, instead of simply cramming the highest possible serving in a single bottle, Pure Kana offers a CBD Tincture (300mg Natural/Unflavored) that contains a smaller overall quantity of the active component. This is an increasingly popular product among our online range, as it presents a very accessible option to folks of a wide range of circumstances. But what is it about the 300mg serving size that makes it so accessible?

CBD Tincture | 300mg Natural, Unflavored Formulation

Our Natural CBD Tincture does not contain any additional flavors other than MCT oil and hemp extract. This is an important thing to consider when buying Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures, as other producers will sometimes use artificial means of obtaining and manufacturing their extract (such as through fertilizers or GMO crops). Made using the extract from organic hemp plant material, our natural tinctures boast a subtle "earthy" flavor. Many folks find this taste preferable over other brands, who increasingly see it necessary to saturate the hemp extract with fake, artificial fruit flavorings. With PureKana, you get the earthy, real qualities of hemp - without any substitutes. Furthermore, the milligram amount of our CBD Tinctures (300mg) is just right for many, as it offers a milder serving size than our other, stronger (and more expensive) options. This product would be a great choice for helping with issues that may affect your day-to-day life, such as managing regular stresses, or helping maintain a good outlook on life. However, no matter the appeal of CBD tinctures, there is always doubt as to where you can actually find a good, reliable, organic product.

Buy 300mg Natural CBD Oil ONLINE from PureKana

In this day and age, pretty much everything is available for purchase online -- including those who want to buy CBD Tincture and have it shipped to their home. Even though it might seem uncommon to purchase a product like this sight unseen, you can find our full range of CBD tinctures (300mg Natural Flavor) - as well as our other products - in our online store. In fact, the number one place to find unflavored natural CBD oil for sale is on our official website. Here, you can buy 300mg CBD Tincture (Natural), and known beyond the shadow of a doubt that the content is verified through third-party labs. This maintains that your purchase is what it says it is going to be - every single time you order. Furthermore, you can conveniently purchase using a major credit card, and rest easy in knowing that our shipping is one of the fastest in the industry. With a transparent manufacturing process, unrivaled reliability, organic products, and some of the best tasting CBD Oil around, PureKana offers not only high-quality hemp extract, but also dependability and a product you can trust.

Lab Reports

Customer Reviews
based on 77 reviews
Victor P.
Refreshing flavor

The oil had a refreshing flavor and overall it was tolerable and actually enjoyable. I will take it daily and hope for the best!

· 12 Sep 2020 10:24 · Reply

Veronica P.

I had high expectations for this oil since the price was so high and it ended up being a great oil. Totally worth the money in my opinion and I will gladly re-purchase more from here.

· 06 Sep 2020 14:24 · Reply

Ashley Owen
CBD is the best

I love CBD, I will only use CBD products and nothing with THC. The hemp plant has a lot of nice properties and I think the CBD oil is the best way to incur these benefits.

· 31 Aug 2020 20:11 · Reply

Suzanne 22
It's the best

The natural CBD oil is king. It tastes really good in a healthy sort of way. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel healthy because it tastes like earth.

· 20 Aug 2020 08:47 · Reply

Gordon Wagstaff
I bought the natural kind

I decided to go ahead and buy the natural CBD oil without any flavor and I really like it. Tastes good to me and I don't have a problem with it at all. The strength is 300 mg and it's just right.

· 14 Aug 2020 21:33 · Reply

good oil but took a while to get

I was excited to try this out but it took over a week to get to my apartment. The shipping was a bit delayed probably because of Covid but at least I have it now.

· 08 Aug 2020 03:25 · Reply

Darlene L.
Just what i wanted

This bottle is exactly what I wanted, the 300 mg and natural flavor. Really glad that I tried it out, easily my new favorite CBD brand. The flavor was really smooth and lovely.

· 02 Aug 2020 11:34 · Reply

Frank B.
An all natural remedy

So glad that I started using CBD oil. It is truly changed my life. I've noticed so many positive things from it and it's been wonderful. I've been using the all natural flavored one and 300 mg in size.

· 25 Jul 2020 16:03 · Reply

Brock Holman
The flavor of earth

This is what an earthy and healthy supplement should taste like. Nothing artificial or no other ingredients to enhance the flavor. I like it raw unflavored.

· 17 Jul 2020 20:33 · Reply

Jessica Santos

Finally my oil arrived in the mail. It took a couple days longer than I thought it would. It must be because of all the Covid craziness. So glad that it finally arrived though.

· 11 Jul 2020 09:53 · Reply

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